How do the choices, and decisions we make (or those that are made for us) shape our destiny?  Do the quirks of life ghostwrite our destiny into the pages of destiny’s memoir?  These questions are the central theme in the intelligent, yet subtlety aggressive debut CD HINDSIGHT by Performance Records recording artist Roger Wayne Parr.  This album plays like a well-worn, dog-eared novel with some pages left blank.  Each song is a blazing chapter, hazily electrified, giving the listener an inside look at the struggles and triumphs one must encounter as an upcoming artist, as well as an ordinary man.  This CD presents the harness of limitations, expectations, and pit falls, yet clearly illuminates the passages that we all must pass through.  For those deciding to run on the road to success, HINDSIGHT is uncompromising.  It presents the void of failure, but it alights all the torches of success and incomparable vision along life’s path.  The songs are a realization that some things never change, while they chronicle mistakes and their consequences.  The music also highlights the exhilaration when things do go right.

So: Imagine if you could go back in time and do it all over again... Which door would you choose?

HINDSIGHT traces the life of a musician.  The perils of expectation and fame give us a window into his world.  In this first solo album, Roger steps out as a composer, guitarist and producer.  Creating outstanding arrangements that interlink thematically, Roger’s musicianship and stunning sonic production are standouts.  Like a master chef he has blended hard rock with a singer/songwriter approach into a texturally orchestrated tour de force.  Lyricist Joe Coco’s vocals compliment Roger’s music with dynamic twists.  A recording artist with 42 releases, Coco’s lyrics are full of insight, satire, and idiosyncrasy.  Working musicians can empathize with this album, as well as fans, who often forget the struggles happening behind the scenes.  This CD spotlights band chemistry, the potholes in the road when making music, and the business and promotion maze that most performers encounter.





Photo: -(Ghost) of the Chandelier- Arielle Grace Photography 


ROGER WAYNE PARR:: Drums and Percussion; Acoustic and Electric Guitars; Organs and Synthesizers; Bass

JOE COCO:: Lead Vocals & Harmony; Electric slide guitar #11;
Electric lead guitar and triangle #12

Copyright and Publishing::

All selections © 2009 Joe Coco & Roger Wayne Parr Collection CRP-2
STCN-0603 thru 0615 LED PEKKER MUSIC, BMI and

All music composed by Roger Wayne Parr
All lyrics written by Joe Coco
Music Recorded at Somerset Sound Studio, Somerset, N.J.
Vocals Recorded at PERFORMANCE RECORDS Studio Riegelsville, P.A.
Mixed: October 2012 by Roger Wayne Parr at Somerset Sound Studio. All tracks recorded and mixed on the TASCAM 2488mkII.
Mastering: November 2012 by Dan McKinney at Dan’s House Studio, Center Valley, P.A.
Credits: Sculpture props in all backgrounds on grounds of William Paterson University – Wayne, N.J.
•Etherial Concrete - Rosemarie Castoro •Reversal - Elaine Lorenz •Boat House - Tom Bills
Cover Concept: Lou Pulicicchio 
All Photo treatments: Arielle Grace Harrison
Photos & CD Design & Layout:: Luminarios Art / The Performance Company

I am especially proud that in today’s world of computer-aided performance, that no computers or music software were used in the recording or mixing of this CD.  Everything you hear was played or sang by a human being in real time.

I would like to thank all those people who have come in and out of my life, as in some way you have helped shape the music and lyrics on this album.  I would like to extend a special thanks to Joe, for giving my music it’s voice; to Lou, for pushing me to reject mediocrity; to Arielle, for coming in at the last minute and saving the day; and to my wife Lisa, for always having my back and giving me the greatest gift I will ever receive – our beautiful daughter Zoë.

Roger Wayne Parr