Briar Ridge Recording Equipment List


Recorders:      TASCAM DP-32SD 32 Track Digital Workstation
                       TASCAM DP-24SD 24 Track Digital Workstation
                         TASCAM 2488 MK II 24 Track Digital Workstations (3) 

 Monitors:       YAMAHA HS 80 M Powered Studio Monitors (2)

 PreAmps:       ART V3 Variable Valve Tube Mic PreAmp 
                       ART D I/O Variable Valve Tube Preamp System

 Microphones:      AKG C414 Large Diaphragm Condenser
                            AKG C3000 Large Diaphragm Condenser 
                            AKG C214 Large Diaphragm Condenser
                              AUDIO TECHNICA AT4041 Small Diaphragm Condenser
                            ELECTRO-VOICE RE20
                            SONTRONICS STC-1 (2)
                            SENNHEISER MD421 (2)
                            SENNHEISER e609 
                            SHURE SM58
                              SHURE SM57

Amplifiers:      1982 FENDER 75 Tube Guitar Amp and Avatar 2X12 cab loaded with Weber Speakers
                        1982 Crate CR-60B Solid State Bass Amp with (2) 15" Crate Cabs

Guitars:     2000 GIBSON 1961 Les Paul Reissue (stock)
                  1999 GIBSON Les Paul 1960's Classic Limited Edition (stock)
                  2003 GIBSON Les Paul 1960's Classic w/GIBSON Burstbucker Pickups
                  1989 GIBSON Explorer (stock)
                  2010 FENDER Stratocaster FSR Special Edition w/ Fender Custom Shop Pickups
                  2007 FENDER 70's Stratocaster w/Fender '54 Custom Shop Pickups
                  1973 IBANEZ 2375 (Strat copy) (all original)
                  1997 EPIPHONE Riviera (stock)
                  2005 EPIPHONE G-400 Custom w/ 3 GIBSON '57 Pickups
                  2005 EPIPHONE Les Paul Classic Goldtop w/ GIBSON '57 Pickups
                  2008 EPIPHONE G-400 w/ GIBSON Burstbucker Pickups
                  2009 EPIPHONE Les Paul Standard w/ GIBSON "Modern Classic" Pickups
                  2000 IBANEZ ARTWOOD AW10 6-String Acoustic
                  1970's YAMAHA FG-230 12-String Acoustic

Bass:     2009 EPIPHONE EB-3 Long Scale

Drums - Ac.:   1999 YAMAHA Maple Custom Absolute - 11 Piece Kit (Drums)
                       1999 YAMAHA Maple Custom Absolute maple 5.5 X 14 snare
                       1986 YAMAHA Recording Custom birch 8 X 14 snare 
                       1970's SLINGERLAND COB 6.5 x 14 snare - "Wayward Son" snare
                       1970's SLINGERLAND maple 6.5 X 14 snare
                       1970's SLINGERLAND copper 6.5 X 14 snare
                       1960's SLINGERLAND 3-ply maple 5.5 X 14 snare - Neil Peart's Old Faithful
                       2002 LUDWIG NOB 5.5 X 14 Black Beauty 
Drums - El.:    2006 ROLAND TD-20 Electonic Drum Kit/Cymbals

  Cymbals:        PAISTE & ZILDJIAN
Keyboards:     ROLAND Vintage Pro Keyboard Sound Module

Effects:   Line 6 POD XL Guitar/Bass Amp Simulator
               1980's BOSS OD-2 Turbo Overdrive
                TC ELECTRONICS Chorus/Flanger
                BOSS CS-2 Compressor/Sustainor 
                PIGTRONIX Fat Drive Overdrive