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Debut album 26 years in the making enters the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
By Lou Thomas/The Performance Company
Since its release, Roger Wayne Parr’s debut album “Hindsight” has garnered some very prestigious awards, including the "Smart Heart of Art Award" from the American Musical Arts Society for Compositional Vision, Arrangement Acuity, Production Proficiency, and Recording Excellence.  It has been receiving heavy rotation on college and internet radio stations, has been featured in music publications as far away as Tampa, Florida, and most recently was added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland Ohio as one of the best albums to chronicle the tumultuous nature and setbacks of being a career musician!
Roger has spent the better part of the last 26 years being a Sideman, or Hired Gun, on countless recording sessions, late-night gigs, and major concerts.  As each gig or session came and went, he was helping the bandleader or solo artist get one step closer to realizing their own musical dreams.  Gig after gig, album after album, he gave everything he had musically to everyone else.  He longed for the day that he could finally record an album of his own material that he could proudly hold in his own two hands. 
That day finally did come, and on December 12, 2012 – 12/12/12 – HINDSIGHT was officially released to rave reviews!
Roger states, “There are many reasons why it took me 26 years to release my debut album, but two reasons really stick out.  The first is that I kind of had to wait until technology caught up with the production I was hearing in my head.  I actually started recording various versions of Hindsight at least four times over the years, becoming frustrated with different aspects of each one, and ultimately shelving them because they just weren’t good enough.  And the second reason is my affliction with OCD, which unfortunately rears its ugly head specifically in music.  I’m a perfectionist by nature, and when it comes to music, I simply can’t sleep at night if something doesn’t sound right musically.”    
“I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and I know now that the songs needed to percolate till they were ready, and I needed to grow and mature as a musician, to gain the tools, and the knowledge, so the songs could reach their full potential.  What’s really ironic is that with all of today’s technology and the ability to fix and enhance performances with computer-based, music-editing software, I didn’t use any of it.  I recorded the entire album on a Tascam 2488 MKII Portastudio in my basement, with no computer assistance.  I basically recorded it the same way albums had been recorded in the 60’s or 70’s.  I am extremely proud that everything you hear was physically played by me without needing a computer program to make it sound good.  I’ve always felt that music should be real and when people use all that technology to fix their performances it comes across as somehow fake and contrived.  I can honestly say that when I listen to Hindsight now that it really does sound just like it did in my head all those years before.”
“I also realize that I could never have done this without my lyricist and singer, Joe Coco.  He pushed me to get this done and became more than just a friend throughout our musical journey.  He became my musical therapist, getting me through the tough times with just the right amount of encouragement.  The recording process for this album was much like climbing a mountain.  I was presented with problems, glitches, and technological limitations on a daily basis.  Since turning back was simply not an option this time, I was forced to hit these stumbling blocks head on and work through them.  Being able to conquer these hurdles and face my own demons has made me a much better musician, audio engineer, and overall person.  I now know that there is nothing I can’t do if I really put my mind to it.” 
“I’m not sure whose idea it was to frame the songs’ subject matter around my life, but it just made sense to me that Hindsight would work better as a concept album, with each song linked to the next thematically instead of a bunch of unrelated songs on a CD.  So the music plays more like a soundtrack than a regular album.  It starts off with my birth and early years and ends up at today.  Once we knew the direction we were going to take I sat down and wrote 13 short stories about the most powerful experiences that I had ever had.  Most of them involved a choice that was made in my life, and how my life’s path was affected by that crossroad decision.  Joe took those stories and turned them into lyrics and we were off and running.  It was this theme of good or bad choices and whether or not I would choose differently if I could go back in time that gave birth to the album’s title “Hindsight.”
So how did I end up playing all the instruments on the album?  My very first musical instrument was a knockoff Gibson SG copy electric guitar I got from Santa in 1978.  But learning the guitar never really came easy to me.  My father was a retired drummer and one day he took his old Slingerland drum kit down from its attic slumber, put the sticks in my hands, and said try this instead.  For some reason I just got it right away and I felt comfortable and was making music that day.  Although I yearned to be a great guitar player, I ended up being a pretty good drummer instead.  Throughout my career as a drummer, I’ve always had the good fortune of performing and recording with world-renowned guitarists and bass players.  I would watch them like a hawk, soaking up everything they played like a sponge.  It became better than having formal training on the guitar – I had the best training ever!  So eventually I got to the point where I could play the guitar pretty good and Hindsight then became a vehicle to showcase those talents as well.  I have come across many drummers and guitarists who are far more talented than I am, but I have yet to find a drummer/guitarist who I believe is extremely talented at both.  I’m kind of like a two-sport pro athlete and I’m really proud of that.”
“Many people say you have your whole life to write your first album, and that statement couldn’t be any truer in this case.  Some of the music or parts of songs were written as far back as 1985, with most of the material being written between 1988 and 1999.  Once I recorded these songs for the last time I had a huge period of creativity, spawning another three to four albums worth of material.  Before that I really hadn’t written anything for almost seven or eight years.  I believe that keeping the songs from Hindsight always on the fire so to speak and never finishing them caused a bottleneck and kept any new material from surfacing.  Once it was out of my head and onto the speakers my mind was wide open again and I filled it all quickly with some really fantastic new material.”
“Being included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum has been an unbelievable honor and also lends credibility and legitimacy to my body of work.  It makes me proud to know that my peers are no longer the unknown garage band around the corner or the local cover band but are now the Higher Echelon of Music Royalty enshrined in the Hall.”
So now that Roger has hit a proverbial grand slam home run at his first at bat, what’s next?  “I have a lot more material that I would like to record and right now we’re working on some local and international touring.  I still have much more to say as a musician and can only hope that “The future is so bright I have to wear shades.”

HINDSIGHT is featured in the 2013 issue of Accent on Tampa Bay Magazine!

HINDSIGHT has just been accepted into the
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio!!!

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Roger also received the "Smart Heart of Art Award" from the American Musical Arts Society for Compositional Vision, Arrangement Acuity, Production Proficiency, and Recording Excellence for his debut CD HINDSIGHT!  He is only the 17th person since 1974 to receive this internationally coveted award!



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